The Vanished Elephant

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A tantalizing mystery in the vein of The Secret in Their Eyes and Tell No One, The Vanished Elephant follows popular crime novelist Edo Celeste after he receives a cryptic envelope on the eve of the publication of the final installment in his beloved “Felipe Aranda” detective series. The envelope, which contains a series of enigmatic photographs, may be a long-awaited clue to the mysterious disappearance of his fiancée seven years prior. As Celeste descends down a rabbit hole of strange occurrences, stumbling on a steady stream of new clues, his obsession becomes increasingly more complex and dangerous, and the line between the fiction he creates and the reality he lives in quickly blurs.


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  • “A trippy Peruvian mystery clearly inspired by Borges but touched also by North American authors from Chandler to Paul Auster.” John Defore, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER
  • “A knotty, fascinating puzzle-plot riddled with anagrams, mirrors and doppelgängers that blur the material and the meta." Jose Teodoro, CINEMA SCOPE
  • “Fuentes-Leon creates a terrifically moody vibe…the film evolves into a series of increasingly intricate Lynchian mind teasers which are quite clever.” Joe Bendel, LIBERTAS FILM MAGAZINE
  • “Unique…mixes common elements found in mysteries and film noir with the rich world of crime fiction and art. Salvador del Solar’s lead performances is stellar and Javier Fuentes-León direction is tight and exciting." Matt Rorabeck, TORONTO FILM SCENE
  • "Dripping with intrigue and style, the classic film noir-inspired Vanished Elephant sees director Javier Fuentes-León deliver the audience a mind bending mystery that will have audiences guessing up to the very end." Kirk Haviland, DORKSHELF
  • “In its aim to depict a blurred line between fiction and reality, THE VANISHED ELEPHANT is a welcome addition to this oft-unexplored way of storytelling.” Jonathan Encarnacion, SCREEN RELISH


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